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Warning: Spoilers up ahead!

In this series, the Mystic Falls clan have undoubtedly gone through a lot and Thursday's episode is guaranteed to be tearjerker! Finally Sheriff Forbes will be laid to rest, accompanied by Caroline's heart-wrenching tribute to her mother.

Alongside the characters suffering the burdens of the physical world, we have also been antagonized by Bonnie Bennet's sorry existence in psychotic witch son Kai's prison world. Alone and helpless, the poor girl celebrated her birthday alone in complete and utter misery, increasingly expressing disturbing suicidal thoughts.

Yet, when our favorite witch was committed to her own personal hell, did you honestly think she would remain there forever? The Vampire Diaries fans, brace yourselves for just when it seemed that all has hit rock-bottom, an inkling of good news has appeared on the horizon...

Finally the wait is over and Bonnie Bennet is going home!

According to the Caroline Dries, executive producer of the show, her return could not come at a better time:

"Her timing comes at a really good point ... for the other characters [as] she shows up right when they need a boost of friend energy."

Julie Plec added that although the long-awaited reunion will be a wonderful moment following so many Bonnie-less episodes, this will spark just the beginning of more turbulent times:

"Bonnie is going to come back having the scars of what she went through and the post-traumatic stress of having no one to talk to. [...] She'll be dealing with the psychological ramifications, [which is] not something she'll be advertising."

With her return she will undeniably be prepared to be dealt a double whammy: After escaping the prison world, she will also have to come to terms with all the sorrow and grief back home, as well as Jeremy leaving for Sante Fe in the last episode.

How do you think she will react to all of this?

My guess is that she will be very shocked at the destruction she returns to. And in true Bonnie-style, she will probably keep all her feelings bottled up, preventing her from working through her own psychological trauma.

However, considering Damon spent so much time with her on the other side, perhaps he will be the one to help her recover? Indeed, co-creator Julie Plec also agrees that since then, their relationship has dramatically changed:

"[Bonnie has] built up quite a friendship with Damon over their time together and I think that in spite of entering the situation pretty much hating each other, bickering their entire way through, I think they've genuinely missed each other. [...] To see the two of them come back together again will be beautiful."

Beautiful or not, this is sure to be a roller-coaster ride of emotions!

Check out the executive producers discussing her return in full in this short clip:

What do YOU think the reunion will be like?


Are you happy to see Bonnie come back to The Vampire Diaries?



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