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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Personally, I adored Jason X. I mean, once you get to the TENTH sequel, is there really any point in pretending that you're not just flogging the franchise for all the thrills and cash you can manage?

Sure, we arrived in Leprechaun territory - the lines between comedy and horror irreparably blurred - but I'm cool with that. The plot of Jason X - a class of hotties accidentally revive a cryogenically frozen Jason Voorhees, mayhem ensues - may have been all kinds of silly - but check out the ideas they rejected... courtesy of Wendago.

Jason Takes Los Angeles

Well, he already took Manhattan - why not Hollywood?

Jason Takes the Middle East

Yup, probably best they skipped this one.

Jason Bladerunner

A cool concept, but sadly 'the idea of creating “Future World” caused budget fears,' so the idea was abandoned.

The Space Truckers from 'Alien' Find Jason

This would actually be AWESOME - you know, in a deranged B-movie type of way. Still, the writers liked this idea, replacing the truckers for a class trip to bring the age of the cast down to your standard hot disposable teen slasher fodder and voila! Jason X was created.

You can read the full treatment for the original Jason X here.

Here's a li'l reminder of all the glorious silliness of Jason X...

Did you love Jason X or hate it?

Source: Wendago via Bloody Disgusting


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