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Yesss! The bad motha- SHUT YO MOUTH is coming back! It appears New Line has acquired the rights to the Shaft franchise and plans to have John Davis direct. Davis' biggest feature film was Predator, which he also did a reboot for in 2010. There isn't all that much information about who will play Shaft or what kind of direction Davis will take with the reboot, but regardless, I can hardly contain my excitement!

The most recent reboot was from 2000 and was directed by John Singleton, starring Samuel L. Jackson. Clearly, the whole thing only works if the lead is cast correctly. They need to pick someone who is bad-ass and good looking enough to live up to the Isaac Hayes classic.

I mean, who is the man who would risk his life for a brotha man? Shaft NEEDS to be played by someone capable of being quite literally the coolest person of all time.

It's unclear if they will continue from the last film or if they will completely start from scratch. I think either way, it'll be good - but who should they cast? I've got 3 solid and bad-ass black actors in mind.

Idris Elba

He's currently being talked about as the next James Bond, much to the dismay of a few people who are stuck in the past. He said he would gladly take on the Bond persona if it was offered to him, and I do think it might be hard for him to play Bond AND Shaft. He would have to want to do it, obviously, but I think he'd be a no-brainer. I mean he's handsome, a great actor, bad-ass, and would all around be an epic choice here.

Derek Luke

I might get some flack for this pick, but I love this dude! Derek Luke was Hollywood's next black breakout star for a hot minute, and then he seemingly disappeared. His acting chops are still in good shape, though, as we've seen from his slowly developing role in Fox's new hit show [Empire](movie:784585). He's aged nicely and could take this role and run with it if given the chance.

Chadwick Boseman

This guy is the hottest black actor right now, what with [42](movie:7688) and [Get On Up](movie:697742), not to mention being cast to play [Black Panther](movie:9047). He could literally be too busy to do this, but he would get it done. I hope that he's not overexposing himself with all of these roles, but I haven't seen him in anything that I didn't enjoy. He's a great actor and looks the part. I'm just a little concerned about how bad-ass he can be. I mean Black Panther is bad-ass in a slightly different way than Shaft. I'm sure he could turn it on.

Could this be the black heroic figure we need in the current racially tense climate?

Now, I'm not going to come out and act like Shaft is a perfect role model. He's kind of a jerk to women, but he's cool and, overall, he has good principles. With the current situation after the ludicrous Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and Trayvon Martin jury decisions (just to name a few), now more than ever, it's important to have positive black figures in pop culture.

Also, somebody give me a shout out when that soundtrack comes out! There's guaranteed to be a few bangers on there...

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