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Somewhere in the outskirts of London there is a large, nondescript warehouse which is housing a rather huge secret. Although it might appear to be nothing more than an industrial storage space, the building is in fact a hallowed temple to all things Warner Brothers.

This super-secret facility is the home to thousands upon thousands of Warner Bros. props and costumes. All the major blockbusters are present, including significant collections from The Dark Knight Trilogy and the Harry Potter franchise.

To deter thieves and mobs of adoring fans, no one is entirely sure where the warehouse is located, although CNN recently received unprecedented access to the site. Check out their report below:

The archive holds over 13,000 props and costumes

Including the Batpod...

Batman's throwing knives...

Grapple gun...


And a fully functional Tumbler

Harry Potter is also represented, including costumes from across the eight films

The Multi-Oscar winning Gravity is also on display, including space suits...

And the Soyez capsule set

The archive also holds Edge of Tomorrow's impressive exo-skeleton armor sets

As the news report states, this archive serves a dual purpose. Some of the articles will be recycled for future Warner Bros. films, although clearly this will not be the case for more of the iconic objects. Instead Warner claims the archive acts more like an ark, cataloging and preserving the studio's history.

Source: CNN News


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