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The Vampire Diaries fandom isn't often celebrated for it's on-point sense of humor and that's a shame because there are so many things I stumble across on a daily basis that have me LOLing like a loon!

Below is a small selection of the memes that have made me look unhinged in the office, and if you guys are into them, I have so many more where these bad boys came from!

So, make sure you aren't drinking anything to avoid monitor sprayage and scroll down to reveal some of the funniest Mystic Falls memes out there:

9. Mean Girls Mashup

I never really pictured Damon as much of a Karen, but Alaric is so Regina George!

8. A Different Sort of Hunger

I volunteer as TRIBUTTTTTTTE!

7. Have a Snickers!

Now I miss Katherine Pierce, but it still made me laugh out loud.


Fun fact: My colleague asked me if I was alright after I read this one. Hysterics doesn't even begin to cover it!

5. Tumblr Dissects Character's Down to Their Ultimate Base Level

I know, Matt, but I still love you.

4. Advice Klaus

Well, I guess that's one way of dealing with things...

3. I'm Pear-trified

Get away from me Klaus, my vitamin C levels are through the roof already, goddammit!

2. That's Sire Yesterday, Babes

If I say it enough times, it might just be true...

1. Insane Fan Theory!

Why haven't I ever seen a Reddit thread on this idea?!

(Source: Buzzfeed and India-Forums)


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