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We've all been there - traveling at night in a deserted area. It can get creepy, and you never know who's lurking by the side of the road. Check out 5 terrifying true tales of hitchhiking gone wrong...

1. The Kindness of Strangers

Location: British Columbia, 1988

Who: Philip Fraser, 25

Fraser was driving to college in Olympia, Washington from Anchorage, Alaska when he was asked for a ride by an unknown hitchhiker. He refused and started up his car, but something changed his mind; that split-second decision cost him his life. Over a month later, Fraser's body was found - and that's not all. Several hours drive from where Fraser picked up the hitcher, a couple reported a man - matching the hitcher's description - trying to sell Fraser's car.

Case Status: Unsolved

2. The Triangle of Death

Location: Marne, France, 1980s

Who: Pierre Chanal, an ex-commando

Over the period of a decade, several young army recruits vanished in Marne, France, earning the region the nickname 'The Triangle of Death.' 19-year-old Patrick Dubois was the first of eight youths who disappeared. Years later, police arrested ex-military Pierre Chanal for taping himself raping and torturing a hitchhiking man from Hungary, a crime for which he received 10 years in jail.

Further DNA testing in 2001 linked Chanal to the Triangle of Death crimes all those years ago. He committed suicide in prison, slicing an artery in his leg.

Case Status: Solved

3. Grisly Trophies

Location: Utah, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, early 1980s

Who: Marty Shook, 22, Wayne Rifendifer, 30, Jack Andrews, 26

Between 1980 and 1982 a string of vicious and shocking murders occurred along the highways of the United States. Three young men were found - in locations as widely varied as Daniels Canyon, Utah and Litchfield, Connecticut - naked, murdered and castrated. The unidentified killer had taken their genitals as grisly trophies - and has never been punished for those crimes.

Case Status: Unsolved

4. The Walhalla Hitcher

Location: Highway 107, South Carolina

Who: Larry Stephens (suspected)

There are many areas of the United States that report seeing a phantom hitchhiker - such as the Vanishing Lady of North Carolina - but the Walhalla hitcher is perhaps the most intriguing of all. Motorists along the 107 Highway, South Carolina, speak of an unknown man asking for rides to deserted places, appearing only on stormy nights. Some think he is the ghost of Larry Stephens, a pilot who crashed into the mountains during a hailstorm in the 1950s. His body was never found.

Case Status: Unsolved

5. The Pagans

Location: Florida, 1974

Who: Amy Billig, 17

Amy would often hitchhike around Miami - until she went missing one day in March, 1974. Her camera was found but there was no trace of her - the first event in a series of torturous developments for her mother, Susan. A biker told Mrs. Billig that Amy had been kidnapped by 'The Pagans,' a biker gang. The same man allegedly confessed to the crime on his deathbed, telling his wife that Amy had overdosed in captivity and been fed to alligators in the everglades. To make things worse, another man, Henry Johnson Blair tormented Susan with phone calls claiming Amy had been sold into sex slavery. Susan died without finding out the truth about her daughter's disappearance.

Case Status: Unsolved

Which real life hitchhiker tales freaked you out?

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