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Zolatn, Hound of Dracula, 1978

When you’re as big a name as Dracula, even your pets get their own movie!

Dracula’s faithful hound and his zombified handler Veidt attempt to track down the last of the Dracula bloodline and seduce him into a hedonistic eternal existence as a vampire by chasing him with a pack of oddly cowardly vampire dogs. He doesn’t seem keen. Concept comes waaaaaaay before common sense, continuity and plot in this woeful 1970s horror that’s hilarious for all the wrong reasons and boring for all the usual ones. Try not to ask yourself why the ‘last of Dracula’s bloodline’ has 2 kids, why the dogs seem fine in sunlight but only attack at night, or why when the military gets involved they decide that sending one elderly man in beret will probably do the job. No animals were harmed in the making of this movie, but a puppy does seem to have been briefly buried…

Director: Albert Band

Writer: Frank Ray Perilli

Stars: José Ferrer, Michael Pataki, Jan Shutan

Trivia: Michael Pataki played another vampire in 1972’s Grave of the Vampire.

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What other monster’s pets would you like to see get a movie of their own?


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