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Matthew O'Neill

The Wrap is reporting that the role of Rick Flagg has been cast and Joel Kinnaman is our new Rick Flagg.

The Wrap reports the Joel Kinnaman has been cast after Tom Hardy was forced to exit due to scheduling conflicts with Alejandro González Iñárritu’s “The Revenant,”.

Joel Kinnamen has previously stared in the RoboCop reboot and in The Killing.


What do you think, is he worthy to play Rick Flagg?

This isn't the only news coming from The Wrap.

The Wrap is also reporting that Jay Hernandez has also been cast into the suicide squad but it is unknown what role he is playing

Jay Hernandez
Jay Hernandez

Jay has previously stared in Friday Night Lights, Quarantine & Hostel.

Who do you think he will play?

Suicide Squad hits theaters 5th of August 2016!


Who will Jay Hernandez play in Suicide Squad?


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