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I'm gonna try a weekly article type of deal, Ladies and Gents. It goes a little something like this boom!:

> I'm calling it " Philip's Flip-Flop Fancast Fridays" (Don'tcha just love alliteration)

>I'll post it every Tuesday ... Just Kidding! I'm posting every Friday of course!"

>Will involve recent movie announcements and my picks for who should star in them

One rule is to not be judging my picks... Okay maybe a little but nothing harsh! I know how defensive us Fanboys and Fangirls can get!

Today's Flip-Flop Fancast Friday involves the Peter Parker AKA YOU SHOULD ALREADY KNOW WHICH SUPER HERO HE IS BUT FOR THE SAKE OF BEING A KIND FANBOY I"M GONNA SAY IT ANYWAY, SPIDER-MAN! And the leads for the upcoming "The Mortal Instruments" TV series. You Ready? Because Here We Go!

Starting off with the webslinger himself, Marvel/Disney is of course rebooting and dropping Andrew Garfield (Poor Guy). It was revealed by Variety that the MCU is returning to Midtown High with a "MUCH YOUNGER" Peter Parker. With Andrew Garfield being age 31, We Meeks ( Marvel + Geeks) can only wonder what their deffintion of "Much Younger" is. Without further ado, Here are my Top 3 picks for the MCU's New Spider-Man.

OOOOOOH! BIG SHOCKER! An Actual Teenager! He's got the nerdy swagger, which is totally necessary, but I'm still not totally sure about the wit and charm but maybe he's got the humor.

Goodie! Goodie! Another Teenager. This kid is a great actor! You'd know if you watch "The Walking Dead" and If you don't watch it THEN DO SO IMMEDIATELY!!!

OOOOOOH! ANOTHER BIG SHOCKER! I picked an ANOTHER teenager instead of someone in their 20's. I have nothing against Logan Lerman and Dylan O' Brien. It's just that their a little old for me. After all, Peter was bitten when he was 15 years old and Marvel/Disney is looking to start from scratch. But if I had to choose out of the two, I'd choose Dylan because ... TEEN WOLF! I have to admit that part of the reason for this fancasting would be because I enjoy watching Mo-Fy on ABC. It would also be an interesting take on the character. Gould would pretty much be an A+ at bringing the humor, wit, charm, that we all know and love, to the character. And he definitely looks the part!

You'd either know him from "Teen Wolf" or as "Man of Steel"s "Superboy. He looks as if he was ripped straight from the comics, you guys. He's perfect and the dude is ripped! He's only 16 and rumor has it that Sony is looking for actors that age!


Alright, Ladies and Gents, What'll It Be?

Now onto another popular book adaptation, The Mortal Instruments film hit theatres in 2013! Except, It didn't hit at all and was a box office bomb! But, they still prevailed and planned a sequel. In October 2014, those sequel plans where scrapped when it was announced that a TV series was proposed. Now many fans were wondering:

>Are they starting from the 2nd Book?

>Are they starting all over?

>Will the cast of the original film return?

I'm afraid it's "No" to all of those questions except the 2nd question. They are starting over and the original cast most likely isn't returning. Part of the original cast didn't even know about the TV series until asked about it in an interview. This could essentially be the "Buffy: The Vampire Slayer" of this generation. Let's start with fancasting for Clary Fray.

She's known for "Spy Kids 4D" but she's also great in "Girl Meets World" as the daughter of Cory and Topanga! Even though she looks the part, She's pretty young for the role, which puts her at #3

Holy cow can this girl act! She's in a lot of stuff including ABC Family's "The Fosters". Look her up when you get the chance. I'm willing to bet my pride as a fanboy that she can pull it off! She turns 16 this year which is the age of Clary in the series.

Lily Collins as Clary Fray
Lily Collins as Clary Fray

The photo above is the Clary I'm comparing these actresses to

Perfect! Just perfect! She's got the red hair! Not only can she act, but she can sing equally as well! There's not a doubt in my mind! She even looks a bit like her predecessor! She also turns 16 this May! The photo of her above is old. I only used it for the red hair.

You'd know him from "Les Miserables" and "Into the Woods". It's a plus that he looks a bit like his predecessor. He's the only person I can think of for this part! He as well, turns 16 this year. Although, I'm aware that Jace is 17 in the series. Don't be judgin'! I know my picks are a tiny bit too young but I stand by them.


So, What'll it be Ladies and Gents?


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