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United We Stand, Divided We Fall
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OK so here's the deal earlier this morning I was checking my Instagram and because I like Marvel and DC I followed a lot of comic book accounts one of them being called 'comix_world' and so as you know the Justice League is coming to the DCCU soon and with Ezra Miller playing The Flash,Ray Fisher as Cyborg,Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and the rest of the cast respectively. But what if, just what if we wouldn't need to wait so long for a Justice League movie to be released what if a Justice League live action film could also work as a TV Show? I mean we've got most of the things we need I mean sure we gotta have a Watchtower but that doesn't matter I mean we don't need the original Justice League to be a live a action fil we could just use what we have!.

Sorry if you can't see the caption but it says and I quote...

This is going to have some major spoilers! So if you haven't seen the last couple episodes of flash do not read!!!!! Anywhore
So in Fallout Barry learns that he went back in time, tried to save his mom and failed. Barry decides that now he knows that he is going to make sure that he doesn't fail when he goes back in time
So say he goes back in time and doesn't fail, and saves his mom...
Could this mean Flashpoint on TV?
Now it's very likely it could, but it wouldn't be just like the comics
The odds are there will be no superman or batman! So don't get all disappointed when there not in the episode!
But what if instead of them we see Arrow taking Batmans spot, and Oliver shot himself on the boat, and his dad spent five years on the hellish island, then came back and became the Arrow. IT COULD WORK
As for supermans part I'm not sure, they could always use Supergirl since she's getting her own TV show? And to replace Cyborgs role it could be Atom.
The episode(s) could be awesome!
If you would like to see this idea come to life, please everyone tag @amelladventures and @grantgust in the comments below so they notice the post!

I mean face it we've got what we need just because its called the Justice League doesn't mean we need the original Justice League plus Flash and Arrow are original enough.

Apologies for the amateur collage
Apologies for the amateur collage

I mean come on it could really work with the Flashpoint reference and in case you haven't read this article by Humza Ahmed regarding a theory also with a Flashpoint reference,manual the check it out.

OK now back to the point we've got Firestorm to replace like Cyborg or Martian Manhunter then we've got Arrow who could replace Batman and Supergirl who could replace Superman besides she is getting her own live action film so why not make her join to and we've got The Atom a possible Aquaman replacement or Captain Atom replacement.

Well that's it for today


Do you think it could work?


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