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Fans are in a huge rush to know what is going to happen to Tyrion and Arya along with other significant characters from the original franchise from HBO. Although Season 5 is on the way to the television to calm the nerves of the raged fans allegedly. As per the information from the creators and team confirmed Game of Thrones will be aired on 12th of April 2015.

Though we are waiting since 12th of April. TellTale Games creator of Bill Willingham Fables comic series "The Wolf Among Us" and AMC's Walking Dead games. Although the following games had their good talks among the gamers and the fans at the same time.

TellTale developers decided to make a Game among the famous television series based on the book by George R.R Martin "A Song of Ice and Fire" or known as "The Game of Thrones". Before the release the hopes were pretty high for gamers like me but although they haven't betrayed us. The only thing fans felt a bit sad is the game has been tore into six parts or episodes.

When it comes to the game play. It took me upto 2 hours to complete an entire episode and recently released second episode followed by the title called "the Lost Kings". Not like any other point and click games this was. TellTale created a unique experience to the fans of the TV series and the non ones too. Each decision or answer to the questions were equal and at the same time and Rude and Polite which is in the hands of the player to decide. The story tailored according to the actions player takes, which is was a huge plus point for the gamers. But the time given to answer a question is limited which is a big minus point according for some players.

Now take graphics. TellTale developers used their own hand made engine called TellTale tool. Only for tech geeks known as. Good thing the game dosen't had any glitches. The physics of the characters were look alike them. The developers seems to have some big effort creating them. The colors were warmer. When it comes to the violence in the Television adoption it's full of blood and gore but the developers have made it seemed a bit friendly but according to the ESRB they rated mature since they have mild language except sexual themes.

The characters in the game covers from the book as well. Such as Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister and Cersei Lannister and our favourite psychopath Ramsay Snow later Ramsay Bolton. Which will be a huge surprise for the fans. When it comes to the original cast such as Lena Heady(Cersei Lannister), Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister) and Kit Harrington as Jon Snow.

The story goes through a fictional house called The Forrester which isn't inspired from the novel nor the television adoption. Brings us some never heard characters like Gared Tuttle, Mira Forrestor, Rodrick Forrestor and more. Brings to a new era of Game of Thrones in one place in a mixture of the original known heads known as Daenerys Targaryen and more as I referred on top paragraph. Although there's only two episodes or parts released at the moment I couldn't find any reasonable story to finish this paragraph. But the ending of Episode or Part 2 almost let us know there will be dragons of Daenerys Targaryen and other more characters who is alive on the previous season of Game of Thrones TV series.

Episode 3 which will be the third part of the Franchise will be released on 3rd of March or April 2015 according to some rumours and will be titled as "The Sword in the Darkness".



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