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In the prequel [The Minions](movie:490525)' (release date July 10, 2015 in USA) latest trailer we're introduced to the series first villainess, Scarlet Overkill.

And as you may have "briefly" noticed Sandra Bullock is the voice behind this 60's chic mad woman. I mean, they have her name basically engulfed over the screen. Like, look who we got! Mother-clucking Sandra Bullock!

Anyways, Scarlet's entrance was so bombastic that it'd even make Megamind proud. Some background information provided from USA Today's online article ( that she's married to a fellow villain named Herb Overkill (Jon Hamm) who took her name in marriage. And together they live in a castle outside of London. From her high scale robberies, they've been accustomed to a luxurious way of life. She's also supplied with the latest gadgets, and weaponry, from hypnotizing helmets to lava guns. Making her a force to be reckoned with.

Co-director Pierre Coffin explains the character, "Scarlet is an unusual supervillain. She is a dangerously charming woman, which could not have been easy in the late 1960(s)."

And on a slightly irrelevant note, some fans have been speculating that there might be a connection between Scarlet, and Lucy Wilde (from Despicable Me 2). Due to a similar nose size (despite Lucy's being slightly bigger), same skin tone, and identical figure. But, anything could be possible.


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