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Blake Bertuccelli

A Terry Gilliam backed Kickstarter launches today.

The crowdfunding campaign aims to raise $50,000 for Hallucinaut, a short fantasy film written and directed by longtime Gilliam concept artist Daniele Auber.

Backers of the campaign will receive exclusive perks, from signed Terry Gilliam memorabilia to 3D prints, Kaleidoscope Glasses and custom tattoos.

“Daniele is a close friend of mine,” explains Gilliam in Hallucinaut’s Kickstarter video. “He’s worked on several of my films [...] and I think it’s Daniele’s destiny to make this movie.”

Hallucinaut is the adventure of Julio, a deadbeat urban hipster, who shrinks into the palm of his hand. Julio must fight off his many addictions to change the path of his “lifeline.”

In addition to Terry Gilliam (Brazil, Doctor Parnassus), the project is supported by Academy Award winning VFX Supervisor Nick Brooks (The Matrix, Lucy, Blade II), cinematographer Nicola Pecorini (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Doctor Parnassus), and Emmy Award winning SFX supervisor Stevie Bettles (Star Trek Defiance, The Avengers).

The crowd funding campaign is set to run for thirty days.

Watch an introduction by Terry Gilliam at Hallucinaut’s Kickstarter page:


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