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Jennifer Pesant

The Walking Dead returned two weeks ago and in the last episode, we could finally see Aaron. (SPOILER... He is a recruiter from the ASF.) Some people already know because of the comics. Yet, when our favorited people will come into this fantastic ''untouchable'' area, they'll meet with Negan, the next big villain. But, sadly, in the comics, we see (SPOILER) Glenn being... well being killed. My question for you is, are they going to kill him off the show? Do you think they'll follow the comics this time too? (As we know, they seem to change the storyline from time to time, but they always kept the main story not far.) Are they going to kill Glenn though they know we know it would be him? Or are they going to kill another character to ''surprise'' us? I know that, in the comics, Glenn's death really affects everyone. Let's think who they could kill if it's not Glenn. My first thought goes to Daryl (hopefully, they are not going to risk Daryl's life). Then, I think about maybe Eugene or Father Gabriel. I would say, let's hope they keep that the way it is, but that would mean losing Glenn... I would like to know what do you guys think? Who's going to die? Will it be Glenn, Daryl, Eugene or Father Gabriel?


Who's going to die?


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