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Much like the Terminators, and his other horror counterparts, He'll be back. According to, the infamous Good Guy Doll returns with a thirst for blood in the latest installment surrounding Don Mancini's Child's Play slasher, Chucky.

Mancini was recently asked on Twitter about the latest news concerning Chucky, to which Mancini responded that he is currently working on the newest script. It's possibly that the film may pick up from Curse of Chucky and continue to explore Chucky's realization that he must kill Andy Barclay.

During the end credits of Curse of Chucky, Chucky manages to track down Andy (Alex Vincent returned), and tries to once and for all, end his life for thwarting his plans in the first three installments of Child's Play. Andy, who has learned a thing or two from his constant encounters with the killer doll, expects the attempt on his life, and manages to surprise Chucky with the end of shotgun.

Currently, there is no official commitment from Universal Picture, but that may change once Mancini completes his script. Based on the great reception that Curse of Chucky received, it appears that the audience is still looking forward to seeing Chucky's bloody adventures.


Are you looking forward to another Chucky installment?


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