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Have you ever watched a television show and wanted to live in one of the houses or rooms of your favorite character? You know, like, underwater ... in a pineapple with a pet snail? .. yes? ... no?

Whether you want to admit it or not, you probably have, I know I have, and I found a few popular cartoon houses brought to life!

Below are a few houses built inspired by different cartoon homes!

1) The Simpsons Home

This is an exact replica of The Simpsons' house; It looks exactly like the cartoon version, inside and out! This home is located in Henderson, Nevada. The colors just add to the overall realistic look! This $120,000 house wasn't built by any Simpsons fan though, it was constructed for use as the grand prize in a contest sponsored by Pepsi, Fox, and the home builder. The contest was known as "The Simpsons House Give Away."


2) Flintstones-ish like House

Not identical, however amazingly similar to The Flintstones' stone home, boulder shaped home is like most contemporary homes on the inside! We have a front door, a roof, some windows. The location of this stone dwelling is in Nas Montanhas de Fafe in Portugal .


3) Barbie's Dream Home

On the eve of Barbie's 50th birthday, Jonathan Adler an interior decorator, created this modern home.

"Barbie was a dream client because she doesn't exist as a person," Adler said. "She exists as fantasy and is the perfect client because she's always happy and fun and loves everything. I thought to myself, 'How would Barbie live?' What I thought was Barbie would have a house that is glamorous, kittenish, chic, colorful and happy as well as functional."

In March, 2009 he decked out a real-life 5,500 square foot pad overlooking the Pacific Ocean to like the Barbie's famous, outstanding home - Malibu Dream House! You can see this home in Malibu, California!


4) Minnie Mouse's House

Sweet little Minnie Mouse and her tiny little house! This pink and purple (or lavender, whichever) house not only looks cute on the outside but it is fully equipped inside! This home included an answering machine (where you could listen to messages from Mickey and Goofy), an oven, where you could watch a cake baking, and a microwave that even popped popcorn! If have ever been to Orlando, Florida, you've may have seen this place at Mickey's Toontown

5) Hobbit's House

This little home was built by Simon Dale! Not being an architect or even a construction worker, Simon built this with his father-in-law and the help of passersby. In just a short 4 months, they finished! Costing around 3,000 pounds! I personally find it pretty cozy; I think it would make a great cabin!


6) Hello Kitty's House

This cute pink painted house was 100% inspired by the most famous "cat" in history. The Hello Kitty villa is located in Taipei, Taiwan. I'm personally not a fan of Hello Kitty, or the whole pink theme, however the layout for this is awesome.


7) Up!

At 2,800 square ft, is a $399,000 replica of the house from UP. In the movie, the entire house isn't shown, so this clever builder has imagined what the house would look like inside; baths, bedrooms, kitchen, etc - one of which was designed through a partnership with the Make-A-Wish foundation in recognition of a sick child realizing his or her dream. Including a full basement and a two car garage, this home is also energy efficient!

Personally, they should have added the balloons, but who am I to judge?


What do you guys think of these? Have you seen others?

I think they are awesome, of course my favorite is The Simpsons inspired home!


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