ByLizzie Kavanagh, writer at

As young girls grow up, they love to play with Barbie but this is one Barbie doll they wouldn't want.

There is a legend that during the war, a couple and their daughter ran away from the Germans but the couple was caught. The girl ran to the mountains behind their home but unfortunately, she fell from the cliffs and died, falling to her death.

So the locals built a temple to house the young girl's soul and in that time, her spirit fell into a plastic doll and a then a young girl and her mother took it as the locals found the temple demolished.

Over a period of time, the young girl woke up one night to find her doll floating and looking like it was going to fall over something. She screamed for her mother and once the mother saw this, the mother took her child out and clled for a priest.

Over time, the doll was getting more and more aggressive and one day, the doll attacked the daughter as she was playing with her other toys and not the Barbie doll. The mother put it in a yard sale and then these events were happening to another young girl. Is this the spirit of the young girl who died so suddenly getting her revenge on the people who are ignoring her or is it the fact that she want's people to know that she died so suddenly? Only the girl knows and she cannot speak at all


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