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Traci Kochendorfer has been teasing her short film with her first in film making and producing an experimental documentary. Only because the Academy held her off saying she couldn't be looked at as a new member til the next year be that the film was and needed to be theatrically premiered. So many of us in the main frame who have posted on reviews about the Big Screen Film " American Sniper " starring Bradley Cooper showcases of course highly paid filmaking of bombing and killing war films of so called heros. While many who served as a woman don't really get that chance to be showcased in their part as a service to the troops or even better the actual feeling of what it is like to understand what goes on in their minds of all not just soldiers.

Traci gives the audience a glimpse of what is safe in the mind of those who deal with PTSD, sexual gender, abuse, unemployment, industry trafficking and much more. It made the semi finalists in NBC shorts and nominated for a shorty award. What comes next is more film festivals and oscars .

The press release for “SafeLink” stated it got scene with competitions like Art with an Impact that gives notice to short films for mental health.

Traci Kochendorfer at the Ohio Film Premieres for Safelink The Short Film

Traci who directed and acts in this short film plays several characters.

Setup by her own production with help of photography from some of your finest who serve overseas with US Army. Plus many contribute showcasing with alliances on capturing the art of what is in their minds.

Traci after coming back from military life in 2013 released her first music album on “Fitness Fantasy”. Which her single ” Kiss Me Love Me ” landed Grammy nomination.


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