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Did you like the Taken movies, but wish that instead of a kidnapped daughter, it was about a stolen organ? And not just any organ... a highly important one, but one that once removed won't kill you... allowing you to be alive to fight the people who took it? Of course, I'm talking about a kidney here. Well Jean-Claude Van Damme in Pound of Flesh is your guy.

The 54 year old is still a leading man and from the looks of it, his bad-ass meter is through the roof in this one. Give the trailer a watch for yourself:

I absolutely need to see this...

This is quite an image to kick it all off... it's disconcerting to say the least.

And then...

Uh oh, that can NOT be good! They got his kidney and he must have blacked out because he simply doesn't even remember how it all went down!

This dude told him he might want to consider just letting it go.. HA!

Jean-Claude will stop at nothing to get his kidney back. He doesn't care at all about how many people he'll have to kill! I am pretty damn confident he will find a way to get back what is rightly his.

The rest of the trailer is just Jean-Claude Van Damme kicking ass and taking names, but what I really enjoyed was a little cheeky joke at the end.

"What's the Bible for?" to which he responds, simply, "Inspiration". This is going to be so sick! I love this trend of older dudes still kicking ass... it's a legitimately impressive thing to watch. Just as impressive, JCVD actually did 100% of the stunts on his own! Damn. This could be one of the best Jean-Claude Van Damme action flicks in years.

Are you going to check out 'Pound of Flesh'?

(Via: THR)


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