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Thanks to this Movie Business could be booming for some personal trainers. For a lot of clients who don't really want to step into a gym and need more discipline could be a great way to sexercise in the fitness fantasy arena.

Are you wishing your sex life could be better or would you like to become more attractive or confident? According to Fitstyle Magazine latest issue for February/March 2015 with the HOT and Sexy Traci Kochendorfer on the cover who has been named HOt and FIT 100 and Status Fitness with people like Justin Timberlake bringing sexy back, shows you some great tools with her latest books, workbooks, sexercises, and music.

Fitness Fantasy by Traci K on itunes.
Fitness Fantasy by Traci K on itunes.

You can learn how to get that love life running with believe it or not like 100's of ways to kiss or how about a fitness fantasy diet to go along with a book of fitness fantasy quizzes, tips and sexcercises. That even Seventeen magazine had Traci talking about her first kiss.

One of the things that this Movie inspires for getting in shape is a couple of testimonials from Dominatraxes who believe it or not Dakota Johnson in an interview talked about how they had one of them as a coach in filming the naughty scenes. A mistress that also has some Hollywood clients says it has really boosted her business.

Snow Mercy fetish fitness trainer with her workout
Snow Mercy fetish fitness trainer with her workout

The “Fifty Shades”-fueled fitness has also lifted the dominatrix out of her own dungeon, so to speak.

Until recently, she had to see clients in a discreet setting or private residence, she says, but as fitness features more prominently in her services she has begun taking fetish fitness outside and into the open.


What fitness fantasy do you have?


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