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The last two weeks have been exciting for horror movie fans, or even more specifically, Slasher movie fans.

Starting with more news regarding the next Halloween and Friday the 13th movies, a photo revealed for the next Leatherface flick, and now confirmation that the brand new Chucky sequel is being written as we speak!

Here's what Don Mancini, the writer from the past Child's Play flicks. Including the original two classics Chucky films had to briefly say about the current state of the movie.

I am currently working on the script for CHUCKY 7

Short and sweet as you can see, but what else did he really need to say?

Child's Play is also the only popular slasher movie franchise that's still making direct sequels to the original movie. So it would definitely be interesting to see Chucky go head to head with Andy again, how cool would that be?

As for his bride and son or daughter, or son... or whatever it is, I'd actually prefer they weren't in the movie. The early Chucky movies were the best with him doing everything himself, and I hope they go back to that again.

Now this news adds another infamous face to look forward to in horror movies. The only left to get on board is Freddy himself.

Where are you when we need you?!


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