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To be completely honest, I'm new to the Moviepilot community. I'm incredibly psyched to be a part of it! To kick off my first post, I want to do an article on who I think would be an amazing casting choice for Spider-Man in the MCU!

  • The Popular Choices for Spider-Man

I would like to acknowledge what actors fans of Spider-Man want most for the role.

  • Dylan O'Brien
  • Grant Gustin
  • Drake Bell
  • Logan Lerman

While all of these are great choices in terms of what Disney wants for a younger actor to portray Spider-Man, and for fans in terms of a more humorous youthful Spider-Man. I want to see Disney take a darker, grittier turn for their Spider-Man, which is why I'll explain my Fancasting choice next.

  • Who I Think Should Play Spider-Man and Why. (In Respect to All Other Opinions).

Even though all of these are great fancasting choices. Here's my personal favorite and why.

WAIT FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!


This may be an odd choice, but I think he would be a great actor in addition to the MCU, and this is why.

  • He's not too old, nor is he too young for the role of Peter Parker.
  • He has experience in playing a dark role, YEEEAAAAH BITCH!!!!
  • He has a sense of humor in his roles.

I have to write a special note for why I think he should play the role above all.

He Has a Great Sense of Humanity!

Reason I say this is because he has admitted in interviews that he has a sweet spot for children, along with the fact that in Breaking Bad, his character Jesse Pinkman dealt with Meth addicted parents, and he was able to interact with their child. Aaron Paul got into role with that episode very well, by depicting Jesse's humanity and sympathy for children, throughout most of the show he is the most conflicted character in terms of his actions and emotions. Which is why he would be a great casting choice for Marvel! All of those characteristics are exemplary of what Peter Parker/ Spider-Man has to deal with.

Thank you very much for reading this post, especially knowing this is my first one, and I hope to write many more articles for the Moviepilot community in the future.


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