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With the DC Cinematic Universe coming quickly to the Justice League and with the TVDC Universe bringing many heroes such as the Titans, Atom, and Firestorm fans have been curious as to how they will adapt the character of Green Lantern. Will the movies use Hal Jordan again? Will he be played by Ryan Reynolds again? Will it be John Stewart? Will both universes try to adapt the same character?

Well I don't have answers to those but I have my own hopes, fan castings, and speculations. Personally I think a logical choice Warner Bros. should make is to give both famous Lanterns a chance. Meaning in one universe the Green Lantern is John Stewart and in the other is Hal Jordan.

In the Flash series the company Ferris Aircraft has been referenced a couple times and as most fans of GL would know that Ferris Aircraft was where Hal Jordan worked as a test pilot before inducted into the Green Lantern Corps so that leads me to believe that the TVDCU will be using Hal Jordan. Although I could be wrong and this could be way later into the [DC](channel:932255)U and John Stewart is the current Lantern. What would I want? Well I've always been more of a fan of Hal Jordan so I would rather see John Stewart in the TV universe whilst Hal Jordan existed in the Cinematic Universe. If John Stewart takes the slot in the DCCU then I will give him a chance, if Blade and Thor are better in the movies than the comics then maybe the same thing can happen with Stewart.

I want Hal Jordan only in the Cinematic Universe because having two in the same movie might be a bit too much and I want Hal to become more iconic among fans like he used to be before Stewart came along.

One idea I had is that since both Arrow and Flash are concentrated on teams, maybe the possible Green Lantern show could focus on veteran Hal Jordan AND rookie John Stewart as partners defending Sector 2814. And if it's that, I wouldn't mind.

One theory I have is that I think the Metahuman crisis in Central City will draw the attention of a Green Lantern towards the end of Season 1 of the Flash. Also I think that maybe the explosion of the particle accelerator might have wounded Abin Sur making him crash near Coast City where Hal/John finds him.

Let's talk about casting, now I was behind the fan theory that John Diggle might be Green Lantern but it was confirmed that he isn't. So unfortunately I can't use him.

DC Cinematic Hal Jordan - Chris Pine

Not only does he look the part, but he is a really good actor, can handle action well, and has a lot of charisma. Many have put him in fan castings for Green Lantern or [The Flash](series:1068303) and I agreed with both.

TVDC Universe Hal Jordan - Nathan Fillion

Yeah yeah, the choice that everyone goes with I know. Can you blame me? He loves the character, his career is mostly TV today, his voice acting work with the character is great (except Throne of Atlantis), and he's a great actor. Boom. There you go. I would cast someone younger but I picture him as the veteran Hal Jordan I talked about earlier.

DC Cinematic Universe John Stewart - Tyrone Magnus

I already did a whole article about this. Basically, this youtuber is charismatic, he's got the perfect physique, and he's a lot of fun. Check out the article HERE.

TVDC Universe John Stewart - Samuel Anderson

After seeing his character's entire story on Doctor Who, I honestly think this guy is a really great actor. I think he could pull off a John Stewart well since his character Danny Pink was also ex-military. I'm sure he could bulk up if asked to and I think he could make a great rookie character to play alongside Nathan Fillion.

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