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In honor of Women in Horror Month, let's take a second to look at a pretty amazing product from the very first "final girl" of the Friday the 13th series. You all remember Alice Hardy right? Well, Adrienne King, the lovely lady that portrayed Alice, has teamed up with Valley View Winery for her very own line of Crystal Lake Wines.

Isn't one of the big rules of Friday the 13th not to be drinking? Well maybe Jason will make an exception just this once. Adrienne has a real love of wine, making her the perfect candidate to help produce a fine wine. The wine is produced at Valley View Winery in Rogue Valley, Oregon. They invited Adrienne aboard in February of 2010 for this killer collaboration.

The bottles are beautifully designed. Adrienne's own "Alice in Canoe" painting dawns the labels along with a line from the original 1980 film. The color of the canoe is different for each varietal (green canoe = Chardonnay etc.).

One that is sure to appeal to every Friday the 13th fan is the Midnight Merlot. Even if you are not a wine drinker, these would make a fantastic addition to your collection. The Midnight Merlot bottle is more reminiscent of the classic Friday the 13th look that fans go crazy for.

Right now, if you order 3 bottles or more, they are only $25 per bottle (which, if you buy wine, you know is a good price) plus free shipping and a signed 5x7 print. Bottles are normally $27 a piece,which is still a pretty great price for a fine wine and a beautiful piece to add to your Friday the 13th collection. You can order yours at Adrienne usually has some on hand at various conventions she attends as well.

Be sure to like the Crystal Lake Wines Facebook Page and check out for more wine and artwork from one of the unforgettable scream queen from one of the most iconic franchises in horror history.


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