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as we know roman reigns is set to be the next top guy of the company, however he still needs to improve on a lot of things and as far as him beating brock lesnar at wrestlemania 31, not only will that be an absurdity and an atrocity but the fans will go ape shit and riot. so this is why daniel bryan needs to main event wm 31. 1. he never lost the title he kept being screwed over out of the run that he deserves. 2. he had the perfect storyline to face brock lesnar not only did he kept being screwed over but the wwe booked him as the ultimate underdog. 3. fan favorite the problems that the fans have with wwe is that they neglect it's fans constantly and is a reason why vince mcmahon needs to step out of power and let triple h take over due to the success of nxt. 4. he represents the stars who came from the indies and worked his way up to mainstream wrestling with wwe, guys like seth rollins, cm punk, dean ambrose, sami zayn, adrian neville, and kevin owens. 5. a man who busted his ass for 16 years in the business and still is he is a great wrestler, a man who speaks volumes which means he is fantastic on the mic, and also draws crowds to the arena, which means he brings in a lot money for vince mcmahon but vince mcmahon refuses to push daniel bryan because he doesn't have this nonsense reason to be pushed wich is the stereotypical HE HAS THE LOOK (vince mcmahon voice) wich is an absurd reason as to push somebody hence roman reigns early push.

vince mcmahon i speak for the true and passionate wrestling fans and this is you need to get your head out of your ass, stop living in this deluded fantasy land that states that you can tell these people what we think we want but you can't. you would be making more money if you listened to your fans. this is pretty much all i have to say to you i'm trying to give advice to you vince on how this company needs to get better. you feed us garbage and down our throats and us as wrestling fans have had enough of our intelligence insulted, mediocre storylines, and not enough wrestling but you like to call it sports entertainment, well we say fuck sports entertainment we want better and edgier wrestling. we are taking a stand right now our voices will be heard and if you don't give the fans what they want we'll continue to boycott any propositions you try to shove down our throats. we wont take it anymore vince so conform to reality and listen to your fans.


who do you guys want to see main event wrestlemania against brock lesnar for the wwe world heavyweight championship who ever gets the most votes should main event wrestlemania. dont forget to share this article with your friends. vote and leave


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