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Let me start this review by saying that the original Dragonheart is a nostalgic classic from my childhood. The story of a knight who's lost his way due to the tyrannical ruler of his land. But with the growing friendship with the last dragon on Earth they embark on a journey to free the land from evil. It's like a Robin Hood story but with a dragon and I absolutely love it. The sequel Dragonheart: A New Beginning was a giant piece of garbage with sub-par acting, bad special effects that made the Nintendo 64's graphics look like a Zack Snyder production, and an absolutely hilarious climax. So when I first saw the trailer for this movie, I immediately thought it would be the same amount of garbage.

After watching it on Netflix I have to say....this was actually good. No, you are not hallucinating me saying that and yes I am just as surprised that I'm saying that. Especially since this movie was a straight to DVD/Blu-Ray/Netflix movie and usually those are not all that good. Now I'm not saying this is the next Lord of the Rings or anything but it was good. Not bad, not fantastic but good.

The story focuses on a squire by the name of Gareth who is banned from the knighthood because he chose to be merciful to the oppressed people of his kingdom. When a comet falls from the sky, he sets off to find the riches that may have crashed from it so that he can buy himself back into the knighthood. What he finds is a dragon named Drago (creative) voiced by Ben Kingsley. The two bond and must work with a clan of rebels to stop both an evil sorcerer and the tyrannical ruler of the kingdom. The story while a bit unoriginal was one that I did enjoy even though it could be predictable at times.

Gareth is the main character and while he is a bit unlikable at first, he does grow on you and when he does he becomes quite a good hero. The actor Julian Morris was actually not bad. Again not oscar worthy or anything but at least he could act unlike half the people in the second film.

Drago is the Dragon (you don't say) and he was great. One of the main reasons I couldn't get into Dragonheart 2 was because the effects were so bad. Here? This was actually really impressive CGI for a straight to Netflix movie. The effects are even better than the first movie somehow. But good effects aren't what make the character. Ben Kingsley voiced the character and he was quite enjoyable. The bond between him and Gareth felt real and lead to a few laughs and smiles. Of course Kingsley acted fine, he's a great actor.

Tomzin Merchant plays the love interest named Rhonu and she is by far the worst thing about this movie. First she looks like a female Skyrim cosplayer and her character could be quite annoying.

Jassa Ahluwalia played Lorne, a monk character which was an attempt to recreate Pete Postlethwaith's character from the first movie. To be honest he was an enjoyable character and he provided a little bit of good comic relief.

The villains...were villains. They weren't really anything special except for the fact that the sorcerer's name is Brude. Yes...Brude.

The music was okay but the best part was when the movie would bring back the original theme and that made me smile.

The fight scenes were filmed in the stupid less frames per second vision. You know that type of vision that's used in the Crank movies or Guy Ritchie films. In Guy Ritchie films it works because those are not action movies. This is and while it annoyed me, at least I could see what was going on and the choreography was good. Still I want filmmakers to stop using that stupid less FPS vision.

Overall the movie earned a High Silver which is essentially a 7/10. It was a decent comeback for the franchise. If you haven't seen the original Dragonheart...why are you reading this? Also GO SEE IT NOW! Skip the second movie if you like it, then go ahead and check out Dragonheart 3 if you're curious. If you love Dragonheart like I did then go ahead and check out this one as well.


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