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Stephen Hudson

There was a time, not too long ago, when it was to be laughed at to be a nerd. I remember getting mocked in 1997 for skipping school (With my father) to go stand in line for 6 hours to see Star Wars re-released. Our high school principal actually threatened to have us suspended for playing Magic: The Gathering. We won him over when we sat him down and had him read the rule book and explained that it was more based around math than Satan worship.

Fast forward almost 20 years and look where we are now! From the X-Men and The Avengers to Lord of the Rings, Transformers, Nolan’s Batman Trilogy, and Interstellar, Science fiction and Fantasy are the biggest movie releases that are celebrated by the masses. Even on television we have The Walking Dead, Arrow and The Flash. Netflix is bringing Daredevil to the small screen. Everyone seems like they are part of some fandom (Well, except my mother). There are so many great movies that are coming out in the next year or two, so many great series or movies I think we can all agree…


There’s a few on the horizon that really get my heart going. Movies that have the potential blow our minds and take us to fantastic realms. For the geek inside of me I am having a full blown nerdgasm.

Let’s start with Marvel’s MCU.

Age of Ultron is up next for the comic juggernaut, but Ant Man is coming soon as well, with the rest of Phase 2 and Phase 3 taking us well into 2019.

Back in the realm of straight Science Fiction – Jurassic World’s trained raptors and Chris Pratt are bringing a world back that I grew up with that both scared and fascinated me.

Fox is rebooting the Fantastic 4, and controversial casting aside, I am looking forward to it.

DC is working on it’s own multiverse of movies with the highly anticipated Batman Vs. Superman.

(Fan made Trailer - but it's pretty darn sweet)

And let’s not forget the big daddy of all Science Fiction franchises, Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be hitting theaters in December.

One of my favorite movies of the 90’s, Independence Day is getting a sequel. Independence Day: Forever Part 1 is set to be released in June of 20016.

The dates have been changed to protect the innocent.

And probably the movie I have been looking forward too, waiting for, anticipating, drooling over (with not nearly enough information being released so far) is Blizzard Entertainment’s Warcraft.

These are only a few of the upcoming movies for the next couple of years that make it such a wonderful time to be a geek. The only thing that would make the next few years better is for Joss Whedon to get the itch to reboot Firefly. And I say reboot, because…well…Wash. (The feels…even now)

I know I have probably missed a few. What movies or TV shows are on your watch list?


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