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If you are enjoying Constantine, chances are you haven't been feeling the same way about the uncertain future of the show. Almost since it first aired, the DC-based series has been plagued with rumors of cancellation.

For one thing, the first season was a short run, of only thirteen episodes, and had a late start in the fall TV schedule. When the season was not extended, many fans were concerned that NBC was scrapping the show before it had a chance to take off. A twitter campaign started, [Constantine](movie:874314), in an attempt to show the network how many fans the series has, and convince them to keep it on the air. However, ratings continue to drop, and the show was not on the early list of pick ups for another season.

Now, showrunner Daniel Cerone took to twitter to answer questions, and while the future of Constantine is still up in the air, he says it is not cancelled... yet.

Which gives us over two months to get streaming, tweeting and watching if we want to .

While the future doesn't look good for the show as it is, another possibility is that it will be rebranded as "Hellblazer" and moved to the SyFy network. Set designer for the show Dave Blass tweeted about the possibility earlier this month, along with a follow-up tweet referencing some of his previous work on SyFy.

If you want to ensure that Constantine keeps filming, you can tweet with the hashtag, but actual viewings will make more of an impact. Even if you caught the show on NBC, re-watch it with friends (or just tell your friends to watch alone!) by streaming full episodes. Bear in mind that the only way to make streaming views count is by going through official channels - general "free streaming" sites (many of which are borderline illegal anyway) won't be taken into consideration by the network.

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