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Are you tired of Gobby, how about Venom oh wait I know Electro. Well look no further because I am here to guide you threw some villains that need some spot light for the upcoming Spider-Man reboot.


Oh yes bring on the fish bowl. Who wouldn't want to see Spidey face off against this tech wizard. Quentin Beck is a perfect foe for our new Web Slinger to face making him a foe of strategy and not strength making Spidey have to think.


Herman Shultz has not seen the light of day when it comes to the big screen and is an absolute original when it comes to Spidey's rouges. Be honest you know this is the one villain Spider-Man always gets to with his big mouth wouldn't you love to see that play out on the big screen.


This could play out so beautifully, what is the natural predator of the Spider a Scorpion folks. This is the battle that we have waited so long for and the one that could open us up to the new franchise. Ladies and gentlemen Mac Garagan A.K.A The Scorpion, Enough said.


So you want to start off making Spidey look like the bad guy, Chameleon is your got to guy. Chameleon debuted when framing Spider-Man, It would be perfect to open up the franchise with him, after all he is even Spidey's first villain.


If you've never heard of him go look him up because Molten Man is an amazing villain. The thing about Mark Raxton is this guy doesn't want to be bad, he wants to help but because of his short temper and his aggressive nature, society has pushed him to the edge.


Who do you think should be the villain in the upcoming Spider-Man movie


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