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Let's face it, we need new Spider-Man villains. Here are my personal choices of actors to play a select few of Spider-Man's arch-nemeses.

Jason Isaacs as Norman Osborn aka Green Goblin

It's almost disappointing not to see Jason Isaacs on many fan-casting articles that involves villains. Just like most of the actors on my list Isaacs has a niche at playing memorable characters. From Col. William Tavington in The Patriot to Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter series. He's an actor that's great at playing suave, sophisticated villains and has the acting to range to play the hero time-to-time. The best part about Jason Isaacs is that man is actually a really good actor! I'm not sure if anyone has noticed this about Isaacs, but when he plays a character he's believable in that role. In The Patriot I despised his character so much!

Still at the same time this is what I want in a villain! I completely understand that not all villains have to be hated, but I want an actor to be so good at playing that character that we forget they're acting. I don't want another Loki or half-ass villain like every other one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

My final thoughts... I believe wholeheartedly that Jason Isaacs could pull off the insane-sociopath, Norman Osborn with relative ease.

Garret Dillahunt as Cletus Kasady aka Carnage

Carnage artwork by Florencio Duyar III
Carnage artwork by Florencio Duyar III

There's something about Garret Dillahunt that makes him stand out as an actor, but I can't exactly put my finger on it... Could it be his versatility as an actor? I feel like he's one of many underrated actors in the business today. The first time I saw him act was on the hit comedy series Raising Hope playing a goofy character by the name of Burt Chance.

In this interview by Sky One; Garret discusses about his character Burt, and I've noticed Garret has very quirky mannerisms when he's just being himself. Something that fits perfectly well with the character of Cletus Kasady. For example he doesn't always look around when speaking. He talks in a very soft (kinda country accent) it kinda seems off.

Not convinced yet? In this scene we see an awesome performance by Dillahunt playing Francis Wolocott in Deadwood. Wolocott cleverly instigates this altercation in order to have Mose Manuel killed. This is some great acting on Dillahunt's part.

In my opinion this man has the acting chops and the looks to play psychotic-serial killer Cletus Kasady.

Keith David as Quentin Beck aka Mysterio

Mysterio artwork by Matthew DeMino via DeviantART
Mysterio artwork by Matthew DeMino via DeviantART

You have to be crazy not to consider Keith David as Mysterio! This man is one of the kings of voice acting, and he can play great villains. I can see a James Earl Jones situation for David in this role. Keith David may not have a really lean, muscular physique, but that shouldn't stop him from playing the character. Use a stunt double to wear the suit (when the helmet is on) while Keith provides the voice. When there is a scene for Mysterio to take his helmet off just have close up shots and have the fake toned up muscles on the suit itself.

For an example, this muscle suit by Pinterest user Luciano Uccedo. Plenty of actors in the business wore these type of suits in comic book films. Including already bulked up actors.

It's disappointing that Keith David doesn't get enough recognition because he's easily one of the most underrated and busiest actors in the game. Also, he has one of the greatest voices out there.... That voice. That man could've easily been a smooth DJ on radio or Goliath from Gargoyles.... Wait a sec! He is Black Panther (Fantastic Four 1994 Cartoon) Goliath (Gargoyles), Spawn (Spawn: The Animated Series), Arbiter (Halo video game franchise), Sgt. Foley (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 ), Mongul (Young justice) Himself (Saints Row IV), Captain David Anderson (Mass Effect), Doctor Facilier aka Shadow Man (The Princess and the Frog), Frank Armitage (They Live), Childs (The Thing 1982) and many more!

These are strictly animated and video games

John Hawke as Adrian Toomes aka Vulture

This was a tough decision for me to pick the right actor while being realistic about my choices. On about every Sinister Six fan cast I see John Malkovich as Vulture. There's no doubt he's a great actor! I just get the feeling people only choose him because he's bald. If more than anything he reminds me of a Edward Nigma (The Riddler). My first choice for Vulture before settling with John Hawke was Charles Dance, and to be honest he still might be my main choice. I switched him because Vulture would never be a main villain in a Spider-Man movie. Maybe a side character or a member of the Sinister Six.

To me that would be a waste of time for an actor like him. I went with someone that's younger yet still old enough to be believable in the position of Adrian Toomes, a very solid actor and someone that's not relatively known by the average moviegoer. What's so funny when I picked John Hawke as an actor for Vulture I never noticed he looked kinda similar to the actual comic book character!

In this scene from Winter's Bone we see John Hawke's ability to go from 0 to 100 in a heart beat. He's not a physically intimidating actor, but the powerful scene is all in the eyes.

Dominic Purcell Sergei Kravinoff aka Kraven the Hunter

This pick will be short and sweet. Gerard Butler is usually a personal favorite to play Kraven the Hunter and for the life of me I can't understand why? I could only imagine how terrible his Russian accent would be. My personal choice would be Dominic Purcell, he's not the best actor around and he's in a lot of B-Rated movies, but you don't need a big named actor for this role. Purcell is known to play overzealous characters similar to Kraven... I don't believe Sony needs a big star to play Kravinoff. It's best to go with a character actor for this role.

It also helps that he's good at action scenes and he's a former boxer.

Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Osborn

This was another tough decision. I feel like Daniel is right for the role and a character such as Harry Osborn would certainly test his acting abilities even more. He has the devilish smug down, a solid American accent, and tons of charisma. I remember watching towards the end of his career as Harry Potter and wondering what's next for Radcliffe? Could he handle serious dramatic roles? So many questions. I was a bit worried that he would become a one hit wonder. Surprisingly, I grew to like him as an actor, and he has shown that he has what it takes to play serious characters.

In this video we get to see a glimpse of Daniel's acting in the movie Horns and throughout the interview you can tell Daniel is very excited about this movie. I love when actors really enjoy what they do for a living and they immerse themselves into their roles. Daniel would give 100% to Harry Osborn if given the opportunity.

Honorable Mentions:

Alan Rickman as Doc Ock

Jon Bernthal as Shocker

Natalie Dormer as Black Cat

Scoot McNairy as Chameleon

Denis O'Hare as The Lizard

Christopher Meloni as Sandman

Paul Dano as [Venom](movie:859836)

Patrick Wilson as Rhino


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