ByPat McHugh, writer at Harley Quinn?

Now I know she has a comic book back story that I'm not familiar with, but if people are entertaining the theory of Oswald Cobblepot being the Joker then this one isn't really that much of a reach.

In case anyone hasn't caught Ep. 16 yet, she made a comment of interest after meeting our would-be Joker. Something along the lines of "an interesting tunnel into the future". I think she has a crush....

Secondly she has the whole Arkham doctor thing going for her on the resume. I feel she's a little old to play a sidekick to a teenage psychopath and too smart to be influenced to insanity by said teenage psychopath, but stranger things have happened after a bad breakup.

The bad breakup that's inevitable because of the whole "Jim and Barbara make a Batgirl episode", airing at 3 a.m. next month on Cinemax. I mean the woman does seem pretty clingy and once Jim dumps her I feel she's totally going to lose her shit. Why bother bringing her in just to write her off in the following season?

Maybe she just snaps and ends up taking the kid under HER wing. Acting as a mentor of sorts and teaching him human anatomy. How to cut someone up and get away with it type of thing? We know ole' Jimbo's got a soft spot for her so it'll be interesting seeing her go toe to toe with the Gotham Police. A Batman-Catwomanesque rivalry perhaps?

Or maybe I'm just completely wrong and once again reading the misguided signs this show's writers are throwing around. As long as Jim doesn't get bit by a radioactive spider anytime soon it's entertaining enough. Plenty to think about, plenty of interpretations.

On a completely unrelated note: Cameron Monaghan, bravo, sir. Set the bar even higher than Heath Ledger and give Jared Leto a run for his money. That is of course, if you do turn out to be who the advertisements make you out to be.


.....Red Hood?

Just food for thought. Let me know what you guys think.


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