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Let me just start by saying this is just my opinion and not official.

Carol Danvers, a regular Boston woman who lived with her father and her two brothers . When growing up she worked hard in school and outside having good grades and always wanting to be an astronaut and travelling the stars. Her father a firm believer that woman was no equal to men.

When she turned 18 she joined the USAF, quickly rising to the top she was recruited into military intelligence, later resigning and joining NASA as head of security. Eventually getting intertwined with the Kree Empire she was caught in an explosion and was saved by now former [Captain Marvel](movie:949779), later her DNA changed due to the explosion giving her powers, taking the name Ms. Marvel then after learning of his death she became Captain Marvel. (Sorry for the quick summary but this is not why were here).

Okay, Margot Robbie in my opinion is one of the best Actress's to come out from Australia for quite sometime, and with such roles as Naomi in Wolf of wall street and Jess Barrett in Focus under her belt, she is coming quite the force in Hollywood.

With her upcoming role of Harley Quinn in 2016's Suicide Squad you could say she's no stranger to a super powered cinematic universe, or should I say will be and I'm really looking forward to seeing the the film produced by Warner Bros. But you could say that I'm more of a Marvel fan than a DC fan and based on Warner Bros track record with Man of Steel, I don't have that high of expectations of the film, but none the less excited for the film.

Anyway I think Robbie should be Captain Marvel not just because of her appearance but because of the versatility she can play from her Character in Wolf on Wall Street and her eventual character in Suicide Squad , I mean come on to play Harley Quinn she's gonna need to be the most crazy insane bitch possible, and because of this versatility I think she would pull off the the that needs to be played for Captain Marvel.

Since Captain Marvel will be the first female stand alone film from Marvel the person playing the role needs to be someone who can be a role model for the younger generation and who wouldn't want to see Margot Robbie kicking some Kree butt.

Plus can't say no to a little bit of Aussie Pride

Suicide Squad set for release August 5th 2016

Captain Marvel set for release July 2nd 2018


Do you think Margot Robbie would be able to pull off Captain Marvel


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