ByChristianno Chavez DeRushia, writer at
Christianno Chavez DeRushia

Ok, as a half and half (not racist when i say it in bad taste when you do). I understand equal representation among racial groups in cinema is important because it says our race is prevalent enough to garner a character. Which has to be relatable so we as the audience can make connections with the character. If a character from our race is represented badly we go on a media frenzy. Most of the time when we have enemies cinema cops out and chooses whom ever we are at war with at the moment. Which is in bad taste and hurts for the view party represented as the "bad guys" (currently Russian). However Hollywood over compensates and tries to make ever bad guy in every combination. But this isn't the point of this article. The point of this article is to state that clearly all superhero's dont need an ethnic counterpart or race change. It usually done poorly and for the wrong reasons. For instance currently the debate over black Johnny Storm. I don't mind that Johnny Storm is black, Michael B. Jordan is a good actor, although the casting choice was odd. I can see why he's a good, fit, cocky, young ,and looks good, sounds like Johnny Storm. Aqua-man being Polynesian makes so much sense it hurts the fact he was a blonde haired wuss (pre new-52) confuses me. The Fact Idris Elba wont be Green Lantern Hurts. But Black spider-man? I love me some Donald Glover one of the most talented actors of my Generation. But do you really want him as spider-man or do you want him as spider-man because it's what you think that I think is right. So lets state this if we did get this new spider-man that's great but he can't be Peter Parker, it anit gonna happen that's the truth. We already have a black spider-man and he is a cool kid, with way more complexities than Peter Parker will ever endure. So let me say this yes I would love Idris as james bond, Or me to be a black Jason todd(seriously though if anyone can make that happen). But not everything needs to be racially recast just because more minorities watch movies. Give us the Recast because its a good actor, and you think this new spin can revive the genre in a positive way, or its a good story. Don't do it to make money off of me because im excited about the idea I could be (black) superman. Because here's the thing no matter what its will never be accepted because John Steward is the (black) Green Lantern and Hal Jordan is the Green Lantern.


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