ByMia Francesca Salamanca, writer at
Mia Francesca Salamanca

As we all know, there are new characters to the show whom we all love and grew up with whether it be in the comic books or the hit cartoon series of Batman. In the latest episode we got to see some of those characters that includes The Joker and The Flying Graysons.

Lets introduce Jack Napier who has many different names. In Gotham his name is Jerome a.k.a. The Joker. As we all know from the biography of the the infamous villain he has many different background stories that many fans have read about in comics, cartoons, movies and on the internet. For DC Comics it is a mystery.

Next, lets introduce the Graysons. As we all know the infamous sidekick to Batman is in fact a Grayson and the first Robin. It was great to start introducing the family to the show. In the show who knew there was a love twist to the episode and turned into a murder. I guess there is a lot more to the Grayson story.

As we all have seen their story, lets cross our fingers and hope we get to see more of these characters and learn more then what we already know about the characters and see them grow.

For me, I have to say cannot wait to see Dick Grayson and Bruce Wayne together in an episode.

This is my first time writing an article let me know what you think!


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