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James Porter

Although the film is still a long way off, director Zack Snyder gave us our first official look at Jason Momoa (Game Of Thrones) as Aquaman, who will have a supporting role in next year's "Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice".

Snyder tweeted out the picture with the caption "There is only one true king. "

Now, what exactly does "Unite The Seven" mean? The seven seas? Or...the Justice League?

I'm a fan of the costume, Snyder definitely did a good job on making the character a bit more serious, with only little armor and an angered look, Aquaman is certainly going to be a character that our heroes won't want to mess with.

Anyway, what do you guys think of the new look? Love it? Or upset at the lack of spandex? Comment below and let me know what you think of our first look at Zzack Snyder's Aquaman!


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