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I had the "pleasure" of watching this remarkably bad movie yesterday and it has stuck with me all these many hours since. Grizzly is an awfully stinky movie but with so much laughter to be had in its viewing, who am I to say it wasn't entertaining?

To describe this movie is pointless. So let's go ahead and do just that. This movie is "Jaws" with a big angry Grizzly bear instead of the shark. Only it's "Jaws" if "Jaws" were not the masterpiece it is and instead an environmental dirge mired in cheap effects. So I guess this is "Jaws 3-D" with a Grizzly bear.

After a taut introduction which provides some understanding on what may make a Grizzly bear become cheesed off with the entire human race, an ex-con looking for redemption in the forest is reunited with his older Sheriff brother whose deaf environmental wife is out in the forest soon after the Grizzly begins its rampage. And then you know some other stuff happens. Every so often, this Grizzly rips the ever living snot out of some poor sap.

If I was going to be a dick, I could say that this movie fails on so many levels that I don't have it within me to list them all as I would need to be highly medicated first to relive the pain.

So instead let me ask you all something really important.

Do you want to see Billy Bob Thornton with his face half ripped off taking on a Grizzly bear? If you answered yes, then watch this movie!

Do you want to see a Grizzly bear hammer-fist a boat and send the boat's occupants flying? (Of course you do because that was amazing!!) If you answered yes, then watch this movie!

Do you want to see a bad-ass Grizzly bear jump through a ring of fire? If you answered yes, then watch this movie!

Thomas Jane is in this movie too. He honestly seems like one of the nicest guys in the entirety of show business and I'd love to see him do another Punisher movie. So if somehow supporting this movie allows Thomas Jane to get that new Punisher movie happening then damn-it I may just need to buy this Grizzly on blu-ray!! (....for 5 bucks at the most).

Sure I give it 3 out of 10 but those 3 points are solidly earned. The world needs more movies like this. In a day and age where women are arrested for masturbating during cinematic showings of the 100 million dollar blockbuster "50 Shades of Grey", cheering on a defaced Billy Bob Thornton taking on a charging Grizzly bear, resets the balance in the cinematic order!!!

Or not. What do I know?


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