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Hello Arrow fans, I'm here to continue my streak of reviewing episodes for both The Flash and [Arrow](series:720988). If you haven't read or seen my video reviews I like to break every episode into the top 5 moments. These can be good, bad or just odd. These are the things I found most noteworthy!

I didn't actually get to finish my full on written review for the episode here on Moviepilot but I still got to do my video review. Check out the full video review below!

Overall, I think this episode was very hit and miss. The best parts were Oliver and Thea bonding on the island. Thea finding out she was the one who killed Sara because of Malcolm was pretty heart-wrenching to see her reaction. More scenes like that between the two are needed.

The things that fell flat this episode were the over-use of the flashbacks. I don't the episodes being like 70-80% real time and 20-30% flashbacks but it felt like almost the entire episode was Oliver's past. Feels like they are dragging stuff out a bit.

What did you guys all think of this episode? Will we see more of Slade? Please Comment below so we can discuss!


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Will Slade appear again?


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