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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder has recently revealed our very first look at Jason Momoa's take on the King of the Seven Seas, and you actually won't believe how awesome he looks!

Momoa seems to have taken to the role like a... duck to water, and is poised to make his grand entrance in next year's battle between Batman & Superman. Possibly to berate any of them if they try and take their sure-to-be destructive battle to the shores.

If you don't know who Aquaman is, as detailed in the Crisis on Infinite Earths continuity, Aquaman is the heir to the Atlantean Royal Family, who was conceived after his mother, the Queen Atlanna - who was unable to birth children with her husband King Trevis - was impregnated in a dream by the immortal wizard Atlan.


One of the founding members of the Justice League of America, Aquaman has the abilities of enhanced strength, reflexes and agility, the ability to telepathically communicate with sea life and anyone on Earth, and is, obviously, not bad at swimming.

Let's have a look at Momoa in his, hopefully, career boosting role...

What?! He looks amazing, right? I'm really digging how they've managed to incorporate Momoa's tattoos into his armor, and his sand crusted locks.

It's such an interesting take on the ol' legend, choosing to forgo the classic green and yellow armor and garb Aquaman in his new, quite dashing, black and gold armor.

The "Unite The Seven" hashtag is an interesting point of reference also. Does that allude to the coming together of the seven seas or the seven members of the JLA? Most likely the latter, as Snyder is set to release images of the rest of the team over the coming weeks.


Though some people may argue against his inclusion in the DCCU's Justice League due to his main power including weeping outside sushi restaurant windows, but with Momoa looking as incredible as he does as Aquaman, I'm sure Snyder and team have a brilliant plan concocted to portray the Dweller In The Depths as the badass he truly is.

What do you guys think?


Is this a good look for Aquaman?

(Source: Zack Snyder via Twitter)


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