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Remember Splice? The horror movie in which a couple of geneticists mix animal and human DNA to produce a creature with amazing intelligence and physical attributes?

At first the creature seems to be exceeding their wildest scientific dreams dreams, but with fame and notoriety just around the corner, soon enough she turns into their worst and evilest nightmare. Here she is below.

With that in mind, we can only imagine that talented Italian artist Francesco Sambo, who posts on under the username 'SkaraBokki', has never seen the movie, otherwise he might've thought twice before conjuring up these super creepy hybrid beasts.

Using complex photoshop and image manipulation techniques, Francesco takes the heads of various animals and merges them on to human bodies: the effect is terrifying!

Take a look at Francesco's stunning artwork below.

Half-Man, Half-Frog

I don't know what's creepier here: the frog head or the frog posture?

Half-Man, Half-Gorilla

The missing link?

Half-Man, Half-Bull

Super creepy, agreed, but... cool haircut. No?

Half-Man, Half-Fish

Boy am I glad Disney opted for the bottom half of the fish when it came to creating Princess Ariel in The Little Mermaid.

Half-Man, Half-Lion

Pretty sure this is the guy Mumford & Sons keep harping on about.


Watch a disturbing clip from Splice below.

Half-Man, Half-Pig

I'll never be able to look at bacon in the same way again.

Half-Man, Half-Koala Bear

This one is actually kinda cute.

Half-Man, Half-Elephant

He does not look happy.

Half-Man, Half-Owl

Maybe this is what the log lady meant in Twin Peaks when she said, "The owls are not what they seem."

Half-Man, Half-Lama

"Oh stop it, I'm blushing"

I've seen some pretty messed-up, creepy horror movies in my time, but some of these creations top every one of them.

Francesco Sambo's full portfolio can be viewed here.

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