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Friends has got to be one the most enjoyable shows to ever be on television. It's funny, relatable, and pretty much everyone likes it. But just because it's fantastic, that doesn't make it perfect.

Like all movies and TV shows, there are small production errors that slip through the cracks from time to time. They're still regular people, after all! Huffington Post recently reported on one of these mistakes that's pretty hard to ignore.

In the episode 'The One With Rachel's Date,' we can clearly see someone who is definitely not Monica acting as a stand-in for the actress.

Did you catch it?

This likely happened because when the show was first filmed, Monica's body double would have been completely out of frame. Since the show has been remastered, we might be seeing more than the original square format.

With practically everyone watching Friends on Netflix, the Internet is much better equipped to catch small goofs like this. Here are some other production mistakes that were caught by some sneaky Friends-loving sleuths.

Ghost Door

The set of Friends was clearly haunted as Monica's bedroom door opened and closed all on its own in the same shot! Or, maybe, it was just a regular continuity error. I'm going to go with ghosts.

Dog Handler

While this little nugget may have scared the bajeezus out of Joey, we can see the top of the wrangler's head who is making sure that Matt LeBlanc doesn't get jumped.

Fall Mat

You might have thought that Monica's fake breasts would be enough to protect her from this fall, but just incase, there's a fall mat seen on the ground in preparation for her slip.

Visible Set

This is probably another one of those issues with the frames changing after being remastered. At least we know that Tom Selleck's mustache is real! Or is it? No, just kidding, it is.

Strange Shadows

If the only light in the hallway is coming from those candles then there's no way they would give off enough light to produce a shadow like we see behind Rachel. To be honest, I was too distracted by the cat to even notice. Look at what happens when you're not paying attention to the cat.

The Great Potato Mystery

Lastly, how could we forget the Central Perk potato incident? This might not actually be a mistake, but it's one of the show's oddest mysteries. Why is there a potato in the cake case? Why!?

Like I said, these things happen and these little mistakes are completely understandable. Not to mention production and continuity errors are always fun to catch! And no matter what, Friends is still one of the best shows ever. Am I right?



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