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It's getting pretty cold out there. Well, not here in Los Angeles, but everyone else in the U.S. seems to be freezing.

Sure, you can blame the weather for this harsh winter, or you can place your blame where it really belongs. We know what's really going on, Queen Elsa, and you can't fool us!

It would appear that the only authorities willing to risk going after [Frozen](movie:411685)'s Arendelle royalty is the police department of Harlan, Kentucky. The station posted this Facebook status on Wednesday morning issuing a warrant for the fictional queen's arrest.

Actual footage of Harlan, Kentucky on Wednesday:

Okay, I lied a little bit.

While the station is just making light of an undesirable situation, they're also trying to warn people to stay safe and warm. And even though they're not patrolling the streets for the ice queen, the warrant is the real deal. Maybe they should just...let it go.

Diplomatic immunity or not, Elsa had better knock it off with all the ice and snow. Come back, summer. We miss you.

The Harlan City Police Department later updated their status to the following, reminding people to do what Anna and Kristoff would, and help out their fellow man.

All kidding aside, the weather has been very dangerous and temps will get worse. Everyone please take precautions to stay safe and warm. Stay off the roads unless it is an emergency. Watch out and help others who may need help. HPD is doing a great job during this time but it takes everyone working together.

Don't you just love it when people are able to use their company's social media accounts like this? These dangerous weather conditions are probably keeping the station pretty busy, but I'm glad they could express their concern in an entertaining way.



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