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Do you still kind of miss Charlie Sheen from the hit show [Two and a Half Men](series:200558)? Were you devastated when they wrote him off the show, saying he was hit by a train in Paris, never to be brought back? Well, they brought him back in the series finale and *SPOILER ALERT* they did it in one of the weirdest ways possible.

So, there was a lot of speculation and there were lots of rumors building up that Charlie Sheen would make a return in the series finale. The show's executives hinted that Sheen would return, and as you saw, that didn't exactly end up being the case.

Rather than being hit by a train (what we had been led to believe had happened off screen), it appears Sheen was locked in a basement in Paris. For the last four years, Rose (Melanie Lynskey), who had gone to Paris with Charlie, had been keeping him locked in a dungeon in her basement.

But he escapes in the last episode!

Much to Rose's dismay...

Charlie collected his $2.5 million in music royalties, and then he started sending presents wildly to people. He sent his brother, Alan (Jon Cryer), his favorite cigars and a knife.

He also sent checks to some of his girlfriends of the past... he told them to buy something special.

Nice gesture, Charlie. But here is where things start getting super weird.

Rose hits up Walden (Ashton Kutcher) and Alan’s home to explain what had actually happened…the show used strange animated flashbacks to paint the picture for us as clearly as they could. A device probably used since they couldn't get Sheen himself.


So Charlie was cheating with another woman... AND a mime? And a smoking goat-like thing?

Rose was so distraught, apparently, that she wanted to kill Charlie by throwing him in front of a fast-moving train.

She failed, and ended up killing the goat-thing instead. Charlie was left injured, but alive.

It's at THIS point that Rose decides she's going to keep Charlie locked up in her basement:

She put him in the Hannibal Lecter mask and a straight-jacket obviously...

But Charlie is a crafty dude... he was able to escape.

Worried that Charlie was going to kill them, Walden and Alan went to the police.

Of course, it only would make sense for Arnold Schwarzenegger to be the detective that they talked to. Duh.

They are legitimately scared for their lives. Somebody got into their house and left some pretty threatening messages.

Scary stuff, especially for this show. Sitcoms sometimes can get dramatic/intense, but I am not sure I've seen anything like this...

Wow! So, this Sheen look-alike was thrown into the show JUST to get killed by a falling piano. They even put the icing on the cake with Sheen's go-to often-hashtagged catch phrase.

. Chuck Lorre, the showrunner also has a piano drop on himself for good measure.

This note appeared after the end-credits.

It seems like there is probably still a little bit of bad blood between Lorre and Sheen. The two haven't spoken since the events from 2011 that led to the actor being fired. It was during the time that Sheen was kind of melting down and ended up going on a rant about Lorre.

Overall, though, this was arguably one of the craziest sitcom episodes of all time. It's difficult for me to think of anything this crazy that I've ever seen on a network sitcom. Obviously, more commonly dramatic shows have stuff go down that's worse than this - but a sitcom...? This might take the cake.

I mean we have death-threats, death, infidelity, and unjustified imprisonment. Very insane stuff from a show that normally is all laughs!

What did you think of the series finale?

(Via: Buzzfeed)


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