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These days, the internet is jam-packed with The Vampire Diaries related images, some taken directly from snapshots of the series, and others obviously enhanced by fans for optimum comedic effect.

If memes are your thing, take a look at this post from the other day!

Personally however, I've always derived great pleasure from GIFS - there's just something so satisfying in making your point through hilarious moving icons that just sum up characters and scenarios so perfectly! If we had the time, I reckon we could all spend days on end just scrolling through pages and pages of these animated gems but alas, some of us have commitments to honor and duties to attend to...

Thankfully, trawling through the internet today, for your viewing pleasure, I've put together a selection of some hilarious GIFS of your favorite Mystic Falls vamps.

Warning: These may induce uncontrollable laughter!

1. Klaus just wants to be the Swan Queen.

Why the rage Klaus? You're wearing such a beautiful tiara!

2. "The Plastics" extend to Mystic Falls

Regina George would be proud of Queen Bee Stefan.

3. Jeremy channels some Ke$ha

Did he also wake up in the morning feeling like P Daddy?

4. Elijah has had enough

He's literally got nothing more to give.

5. Damon says it like it is

Damon, I totally understand your pain but surely you should have known by now that life's hard.

6. Sometimes, even vampires want to break out into song and dance

Thank goodness Stefan and Klaus are all in this together.

7. Matt doing a little jig!

Need I say more?

8. Elijah's glare of judgement

This is him judging you HARD and its not just your outfit that's the problem!

9. Klaus the babe magnet

Having been around for thousands of years, you'd think he'd have learnt how to charm those ladies by now...

10. TVD takes some inspiration from Fifty Shades of Grey

"Stefan Salvatore will see you now."

11. Caroline's new beauty campaign

Because she's worth it!

12. Bros like to do it Mystic-Falls-style!

Damon and Stefan are just chillin' in an elevator... because WHY NOT?

13. Oh the irony...

Which GIF is your favorite!? Let me know in the comments below!



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