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Rob Harris

Disney's crime-fighting secret agent, Kim Possible, is well known for kicking ass and coining puns, becoming a firm fan favorite in the process.

In fact, the cartoon character has been so well received that she's inspired some truly heroic cosplayers to emulate her trademark look. Let's take a look as some of the best Kim Kosplays from around the internet (WARNING: all 'C's are hereby outlawed).

1. Kurvacious Kim

[Source: Danielle Beaulieu]

2. Kung-Fu Kim

[Source: Cosplayying]

3. Krafty Kim

[Source: Imgur]

4. Komposed Kim

[Source: cosplaycommunity]

5. Kome At Me Kim

[Source: comicbookcosplay]


Which Kim Kosplay is your favorite?


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