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This animated short film Cloudrise by Denver Jackson is sure to make you feel all of the feelings. I mean, with very little animation and illustration experience, Jackson still manages to powerfully capture real emotion and the feeling of being in love, something threatening that love, and eventually overcoming a seemingly drastic adverse situation.

The synopsis reads as follows:

Set in a fantasy world above the clouds, Cloudrise follows a pivotal moment in the lives of two lovers as they face a great challenge. Watch as Miko and Tenku fight to survive an attack on their new airship and take the necessary measures to help each other. Hold on to your seat as you witness how far someone is willing to go to rescue the one they love. This is an action-packed short film that ties together various fantasy/science fiction influences.

I'll go into more detail about why it's so good, but go ahead and give it a watch and I'm pretty sure you'll see for yourself:

Not only is this gorgeous to look at, but the combination of the musical score (done by Marc Junker) and the genuine emotion you can see on the lovers', Miko and Tenku's, faces is breathtaking. Also, the whole premise of a flying ship that can take you up into the depths of the sky is very cool.

We open with a powerful and seemingly disastrous scene

Without much context, we see what appears to be tremendous loss. We're immediately thrown into this world where two lovers tried (and seem to have failed) to hold on to one another aboard this completely epic ship that seems to be located somewhere past the sky near the stars.

We're taken back to when they embark

We see them dance together, and genuinely look happy and content with only eachother's presence necessary to keep them that way.

Pirates attack!

While it seems like there is nothing that could throw off this intimate and amazing trip that Miko and Tenku are on with eachother, we found out that is not at all going to remain the case. In fact, when the pirates get aboard the ship, they immediately threaten our heroic lovers' lives.

We revisit this scene again of them barely holding on...

Now, we're back up to present time. When he slips and falls, Jackson hurls us into an awesome action sequence.

They won't ever let eachother go

After landing back on Earth, we have this absolutely breathtaking image of the two sharing an embrace in the rain. The architectural design in the background is illustrated brilliantly by Jackson. This roller-coaster ride has finally returned to the docking station. We can step off, knowing that the lesson here is simple: don't let go and give up on the one's you love. Even when you stare at the possibility of losing them, never give up.

What did you think about this short film?

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