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United We Stand, Divided We Fall
Jo Isnain

With a Green Lantern reboot coming soon in an estimated year 2020 we are all worried (well most of us do) that if it will be better this time because of the unsuccessful hit in 2011 with Ryan Reynolds leading and most of us thought it was a really bad movie and most of know that Ryan Reynolds isn’t really good with comic book movies such as Blade (he was kind of good),Green Lantern and don’t get me started on R.I.P.D but lets see how well he’ll do in his new upcoming comic book movie as the Merc With a Mouth, Deadpool. And while some of us are expecting it to be good, let’s take a look see at Green Lantern I mean we still don’t know which Green Lantern we’ll see in the big screen but I came up with this list just in case they decide to use the other Green Lanterns of earth instead of Hal Jordan and John Stewart respectively.Let’s get started shall we.

Hal Jordan

First Choice - Jake Gyllenhaal

For Hal Jordan I had to choose the best of the best sure we need someone who looks young but give a chance to Jake Gyllenhaal he's a great actor,he's handsome and he's got the looks also he's still young he's 34 but he looks young and besides Hal Jordan and sure Hal Jordan is a "6,0" and Gyllenhaal is "1.83" m but he'll be perfect he can act although for me Jake Gyllenhaal could also cut out to play Moon Knight for Marvel that is if Moon Knight gets a chance at the big screen. Would you like to see Gyllenhaal as Green Lantern? I know I would.

Second Choice - Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is someone who likes action he loves it, he just loves to act in action movies with Tom Cruise its all about action with Mission Impossible,Oblivion and other movies respectively if Tom Cruise gets to be Hal Jordan then you're up for a wild,wild action in Green Lantern it will be less romance more action! Well sure he might be old (52 years) but remember back in 2011 when he was around 48 in Mission Impossible 4:Ghost Protocol did you know that he had to make a 5000 foot stunt at the scene where he's climbing the skyscraper a 5000 feet stunt! Doesn't that tell you anything say "he would be great to play Hal Jordan"? Well you vote who do you want to see play Hal Jordan.


Who would you like to see play Hal Jordan?

John Stewart

First choice - Idris Elba

We've all heard the thing about Elba not wanting to play Heimdall for Thor anymore (well most of us) so what better way to give him a chance at playing another superhero than to let him play John Stewart's Green Lantern face it he sounds like him,he kind of talks like him,he looks like him and I'm pretty sure he can act pretty darn well as John Stewart most of us wanted David Ramsey for Green Lantern but the rumours ain't true. I say we give Elba a chance at playing John Stewart anyone else with me or do you want to consider the second choice as our Green Lantern?.

Second Choice - Terry Crews

Luke Cage?
Luke Cage?

Too bad Terry Crews wasn't in to play Luke Cage but lets put that behind us and look to the future, the future where Crews is our new Green Lantern can you imagine it, I mean he's got the looks he just needs to grow a bit of hair or not either way he's still perfect and he's got style but who'd make a better John Stewart? Idris Elba or Terry Crews? The answer is in you hands you vote who would make the best John Stewart.


You vote who'd make a better John Stewart?

Guy Gardner

First and only Choice - Nathan Fillion

The reason I picked Nathan Fillion is because Nathan Fillion is like the only greatest voice actor for Green Lantern I mean he's voiced Hal Jordan a lot and sure he would be good as Hal Jordan but for me personally he should be Guy Gardner, I mean yeah Guy Gardner is a blonde and Fillion isn't but it's the DCCU we can choose either to follow the comics or not like how they did with Jason Momoa's Aquaman he said it, Aquaman will not be blonde so why not do the same thing to Fillion he's a great actor except that he has to act a bit like prick to play Guy Gardner as that is what Gardner is, he is a d**k.

Kyle Rayner

First and only Choice - Milo Ventimiglia

Why? Because he is so far the greatest actor I know who could cut out to play Kyle Rayner face it he's got everything looks,hair,style,handsomeness and his way of acting could put Rayner at the top of the list for Green Lanterns and the way he talks Ventimiglia's voice is a somewhat fearing voice for me he could be perfect for both Nightwing and Kyle Rayner but mostly it would be Rayner and besides when I went on Google to search for Kyle Rayner a bunch of photos were popped up showing us Milo Ventimiglia is our Kyle Rayner, seriously. You just give him the ring,the suit and the mask and he will pull it off like how he did with Heroes.

Simon Baz

First and only Choice - Tyrese Gibson

At first I was thinking of putting him in John Stewart list but then I thought you know what let's just see him play Simon Baz I mean face it he's bald (seriously no offence),he's young,he's got the looks and the act and don't get me started on his voice though at first I was hoping he would play Black Panther for the MCU then I thought why not let him play Green Lantern, besides he's been hinting it on Instagram a lot and I mean a lot of photos showing him as Green Lantern and come on we can't always expect him to play John Stewart.

Alan Scott

First and only Choice - Neil Patrick Harris

Though at first I wasn't sure if they would use Alan Scott but then it hit me I did say all the Green Lanterns of earth right? So that includes Alan Scott who was the first earthling to become a Green Lantern you can tell by the logo and the suit and the ring. So I needed someone who was old but still strong or someone young but looks a bit 'oldish' and blonde then quickly Neil Patrick Harris came to my head I mean look at him his face is evenly matched with Alan Scott he's blonde short haired and he has that oldish look on his face that makes him the perfect Alan Scott also he's 41 and also lets not forget that he has voiced 2 superheroes both from DC one is Nightwing in Batman:Under The Red Hood and the other one is The Flash from Justice League: The New Frontier in 2008 though I know they won't bring Alan Scott to life.


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