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The truth is, yes, I am one of those who found out about Workaholics late enough. After 5 years broadcasting out there I watched the first episode a few days ago.

Why am I writing this then? You wonder, myself along with you I guess, that after 5 years the series would already have its lovers/haters, its fan base etc etc. But no, it's not about that. Something puzzled me with this one. After watching the first episode I was confused; I laughed so hard and I felt addicted, I wanted more, but at the end of the day I couldn't decide if it made to my watch-list or not.

The series is an epitome to the Millenials generation. Hooray, this is us and we like it! The creators captured very effectively what it's like to be a 20something college graduate, on your first job, in your first house, tweeting all day. More responsible than ever, but on the other hand... We are young American millenials that- where is.. where did you put my pot!??

I have been there. In that phase. I suppose all of us did at some point, or still are. That phase when you go to work, or class and all you care about is party, party, party. And drugs and alcohol and your friends. Of course, your friends. You are with your mates almost 24/7, you do almost everything together: Drink, drugs, play videogames, pull prunks to one another, go your dog for a walk because it is not the same if you do not go along with your mates- "what if we see some hot chicks at the park? They say they like dudes with dogs, right?", panicking all together when you cannot find any more weed in the house -"But I remember, I put some back inside!" "Then where is it!?"-, then get bored exactly because you did everything together and try to event new stuff to do, if you are high while doing them the better.

Yes. This series reminded me exactly of that phase. After realizing that I was there not too long ago, i asked myself "So then why watch it?". I am still in my 20s but I have long moved past this era. I still study and work, but something inside me is more 'responsible' now. Hence, I find a lot of what they are doing on Workaholics immature and a bit over the line -the way MTV series only knows how to do.

'But'. There is a big fancy 'but' shining above me while I am writing this. The reason this show became addictive was nor of conformity, neither because "they doing stuff we can't even imagine" -no. The opposite. They are doing things we all can do. They are doings this with a balanced way as well. The three of them, are now roomates in a big but not excessively out of their budget house (you actually see its kinda old), they throw partys or go to, but they wake up the next day to go to work. They work not in a big fancy entreprise, but as telemarketers. They do drugs, but not overusing them. What I love the most, is that they glow happiness, and you are gonna say "who isn't when on drugs", but that is not the case. They have a dealer they care about, they do stupid things and they laugh altogether later. I love this feeling, the feeling I have after watching an episode: The feeling that life is about the little things. The people you care about, the time you spent with them, what do you do in your free time with them, no matter how much money you have or not. They are not whining about chicks, about money, about work! Things are the way the are, and what we get out of it, with who and how, its on us.

This is why I love Workaholics. Because they are crazy, and they woke up the child in me I lost after I payed my first bill.


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