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OMG, what an episode! Julie Plec really outdid herself during her directorial debut last night and it felt like a return to the old Vampire Diaries storytelling in all the right ways.

The plot lines all tied together beautifully with some huge eureka moments and a firework display of revelations from all camps, but despite giving us so many answers, there are now even more questions that us fans need to have answered.

Here are the burning questions on my lips, but are they the same ones that will be driving you crazy this week?

Why was Mama Salvatore Placed in a Prison World?

It turns out that Lily (played by Annie Wersching) really is Damon and Stefan's mom, but now that mystery has been solved, a whole load more have opened up before us.

The biggest being, why was Damon and Stefan's mom trapped in a prison world to begin with? We know that it isn't only witches that are imprisoned in these worlds constructed by the Gemini Coven, but Lily Salvatore is probably supernatural in some way for her to be worth the effort of imprisoning.

Does her sickness before she died mean that she was part of a failed merge experiment like Kai and tried to defect from the coven? Did Damon and Stefan supernatural-phobe father have something to do with her being banished?

She must have committed something that was perceived as a terrible crime to be imprisoned (look at why Kai was there!), but was her punishment just or a brutally heavy handed?

I need to know!

How Will Stefan React to the News That His Mom is Still Alive?

Damon has already identified his mother, but how will Stefan feel when he finds out the truth?

I don't think the younger and more sensitive Salvatore brother will react so well. He has spent his entire life thinking that it was his birth that weakened and killed his mother, and to find out this isn't true will be a huge blow.

We always have the sense that the burden of this guilt really shaped Stefan's psyche and knowing that his mother is alive has potential to shake the very foundations of his identity.

What with Caroline turning off her humanity, these are going to be some tough times for Stefan Salvatore, and who knows how he will react to potentially feeling so alone and confused...

Will Stefan Still Feel the Same Way About Caroline Now She's Turned Off Her Humanity?

After a whole episode of soul-searching, Stefan decided that he loves Caroline... and then she goes and turns off all of her feelings.

Although the sound of Caroline snapping Elena's entitled little neck was music to my ears, another part of me was screaming 'noooooooo' for the sake of her and Stefan!

Surely beginning a relationship with someone who essentially no longer has any feelings can't be a good thing? Maybe Stefan will be forced to walk away from the relationship before it even begins.

We know Stefan can be a bit of a defeatist, but he could also plough all his energy into trying to make Caroline herself again and strengthen their bond even further?

How Will Bonnie Cope with Her Return?

We know that Bonnie is going to have 'scars' from her time alone in the prison world, but just how will they manifest themselves?

She clearly has a special bond with Damon that was totally absent before, and this has potential to hugely affect the dynamics of the group.

I have a feeling that things will not be going well with Bonnie and Elena from this point on... Bonnie is an empathetic person and even her traumatized self will be able to reach out to Caroline, but when she learns that Elena erased her memories of Damon her poor coping mechanisms might tip her over the edge.

Especially because I predict that Elena will find it hard to adjust to Damon and Bonnie suddenly being best friends and potentially leaving her in the dark. Bonnie has the magical potential to rescue mother Salvatore which will only bring her and Damon closer, and I am not sure if Elena will cope with not being the center of attention...

What did you think of last nights episode? Share any big questions it brought up in the comments below!


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