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Will Harris

Okay, if you haven't heard by now and you're living under a rock, Vixen - the DC superheroine with animal adaptive abilities - is set to debut on CW Seed with a brand new animated series.

The series will indeed be a part of the Arrow / Flash television universe with yet another crossover, bringing the Scarlet Speedster and the Emerald Archer into animated form. Cool?

Now I have no doubt that original actors Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell will lend their voices to their animated counterparts respectively, but there is a big question around the web as to why the series is animated instead of live action. I'll get into that later. Another thing that came to my attention is that Arrow showrunner Marc Guggenheim is referring to the series as a spinoff and if all goes well she will be getting a live-action series somehow. That had me searching my grey matter as to who I would pick for the live-action version of Mari Jiwe McCabe aka Vixen.

Drum roll please...

Megalyn Echikunwoke


My number one pick. Back in 2011 VIBEVixen (ha ha) named her as one of their "6 Vixens Stepping Into the Spotlight". Well deserved. Known for her roles in some of TV's primetime series like House of Lies, 24, and The 4400 so she is no stranger to drama, action, or super powers. Plus she has done voice work in an episode of American Dad! which sounded pretty good IMO. Finally, if we're going strictly with looks - let's face it, some of us comic books geeks do that - I'd say she's got the looks to pull it off. Come on CW, make it happen. Lets get Megalyn as Vixen.

I for one think an animated series is awesome for a couple of reasons. First, we get to open up the doors to a whole lot of things that just looks weird in live action. No matter how good the special effects are in The Flash, seeing Mari's animal powers in cartoon form will be much more appealing and limitless. Second, they'll be doing something that hasn't been done in a long time. While the other guys are mixing the movies with the TV series, DC & the CW will be conquering two different artistic mediums. This could lead to an animated or live action film with the three heroes as DC's new Trinity.


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