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Apart from The Hunger Games I have a hard time coming up with a film that is better than the book - and the Harry Potter series is not an exception. There are so many things that they missed, maltreated and massacred.

When I remake the films one day (because I will) these are some of the things I'll make sure to keep in the films.

1. Ginny and Harry's relationship

There is so much wrong with the 6th film if you ask me. And this is one of the big things. Film Ginny is shy and awkward whereas Book Ginny is fierce and confident (kinda like you get when you have 6 older brothers) and the relationship that Harry and Ginny share is one of pure bliss. They don't just share one hidden kiss - they spend weeks together being all lovey dovey.

2. Bill and Fleur's Wedding

So many things are going on in the beginning of The Deathly Hallows - Dumbledore's dead and we are learning all these new things about him, Voldy is about to take on the world and Harry, Ron and Hermione are ready to go whenever they need to. And the wedding was such a good part in the book! It has Xenofilius, Luna, Krum, Doge and we even get to see Aunt Muriel for the first time! How can they have changed so much for it in the film?

3. Christmas in the Closed Ward

Remember Gilderoy Lockhart? Well we only see him in The Chamber of Secrets but he does come back in the books. And it is one of the both funniest and saddest moments in The Order of the Phoenix. We get to see poor old Gilderoy locked up after Ron's wand backfired that memory charm on him and it is also the moment we get to see Neville's parents for the first time. It is such a heart wrenching moment that I really wanted to see.

4. The Diadem in the Room of Requirement

So in the book Harry leaves the Half Blood Prince's potions book in the room of requirement and puts a wig and a diadem on top of an old bust to remember where he put it. That diadem is Rowena Ravenclaw's diadem. It is A HORCRUX! And the reason he finds it later on is because he has already seen it. In the film however Ginny is the one hiding the book and we never see nor bust or wig or diadem. And the logic is lost.

5. The Dursleys

Don't you just love the Dursleys? I mean - in a love/hate kinda way. They are the reason Harry is the way he is and they did really add some extra spice to the books. The relationship with Dudley that changes after the incident with the dementors - petunia actually knowing what dementors are - The Weasley's bursting through the Dursley's wall - Dudley getting his tongue twisted - The Dursley's having to leave and wanting to have Kingsley as their bodyguard. Gold.

6. Winky

Dobby and Winky(?) riding llamas
Dobby and Winky(?) riding llamas

Dobby was never the only free elf. Winky was free but she hated it. She hated herself and she ruined herself for it. But it was such an important aspect of the whole house elf situation. She showed a side of it that we didn't really see in the films. And her story was really touching, her journey is one to remember.

7. The Summer at Diagon Alley

In The Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry stays at Diagon Alley after having blown Aunt Marge into a balloon. And I absolutely loved it. Parts of it is in the film, but the strolls around the shops and doing his homework at Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor was something that I really wish I could have lived myself, and it was a shame it was never even mentioned.

8. The Tonks

There's a scene in The Deathly Hallows where Harry and Hagrid lands in Tonks's parents' garden and Ted and Andromeda Tonks take care of them. It is short but it really touched me. And it also introduces us to Ted who we meet later on when he is on the run with Dean Thomas, Griphook and that other goblin fella. And I really liked their story - Andromeda being pushed away from her family for marrying a muggle born and Tonks fighting in the order and all. Beautiful.

9. The kids having actual classes and stressing over homework

In the films it feels like The Trio are just fighting crime and playing Quidditch all year round but in the books it's almost always about classes, homework and Hermione planning for exams. It gives a sense of belonging to the reader and it makes it all seem a lot more normal than just well - kicking ass and taking names. It also really makes me wonder what Arithmancy really is.

10. Ronald Weasley

I know what you are gonna say - Ronald Weasley is in the films. Well yeah... but not the real Ron Weasley. A lot of Ron's traits and achievements were played down to make Hermione a lot more relatable (read less annoying) and it kinda just left us with an unlikeable Ron who is sulky, silly and actually quite mean. In the books Ron makes us laugh with his jokes and his good spirits - he is a quick thinker and keeps his head cold in stressful situations. In the film we laugh at him and he is mostly annoyed with something and he often comes across as stupid. He might not be book smart but he is street smart. And of course, above all, loyal.

Did I miss anything? What do you wish they had put in the films?


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